How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen (2023)
Author: Olivia Baker
career: User Experience Designer
publish at: 2023-08-01 09:14:34
Author: Olivia Baker
career: User Experience Designer
publish at: 2023-08-01 09:14:34

A cracked iPhone screen can be frustrating. You expect your expensive device to be durable, yet somehow the screen ends up with cracks and the touch stops working. Now you can't even unlock your iPhone to use it. 


Luckily, there are a few ways to unlock an iPhone with a broken, unresponsive screen without needing to tap anything on the device itself. These remote unlocking methods allow you to bypass the cracked screen that prevents normal use. 


Each technique works a bit differently, so make sure to read the details carefully before attempting. The goal is to get your iPhone unlocked so you can at least recover data, even if the screen remains cracked. 


With the right approach, you can regain access to your iPhone's contents and features using wireless connections or special software designed for bypassing broken screens. Don't resign yourself to an unusable iPhone just because of screen cracks. Look into the remote unlocking options available to you.



How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen:

- Use a USB Keyboard

- Find My iPhone

- Via Siri 

- iTunes 



How to Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen:


If your iPhone screen is unresponsive or you can't slide to unlock, Unlockdog can help. It allows you to unlock an iPhone by connecting it to a computer, even if the iPhone screen is broken, you forgot the passcode, or the device is otherwise frozen or disabled. 


As long as the iPhone is recognized when connected to the computer running Unlockdog, which can bypass the unresponsive touchscreen and unlock the device. This provides a way to regain access to an iPhone that can no longer be unlocked normally due to screen malfunction, forgotten passcodes, or other issues rendering the device unusable.


Unlockdog delivers a practical solution for unlocking frozen iPhones that can still connect to a computer but will not respond to touch-based unlock attempts. It can recognize the iPhone and unlock it through the desktop app interface rather than the unresponsive iPhone screen.



How to unlock your iPhone screen without passcode?

               Video: How to unlock your iPhone screen without passcode?


Step 1: Launch Unlockdog on your computer, and choose the "Remove Screen Passcode" mode.



Step 2: Click on "Start Removal" to begin the process.



Step 3: Put iDevice into Recovery Mode

Follow the instruction and put your device into Recovery mode. Read more.


Step 4: Download Firmware Package


Step 5: Unlock Screen Passcode after it ready





Then kindly wait for it to complete. Just in a few minutes, the lock will be removed from your device.





1. Please be aware that all data on your device will be erased after password remove.

2. Your iOS version will be updated to the latest one.

3. Please make sure your device has enough power and keep it connected to your computer all the time.


Method 1: Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen Using a USB Keyboard (iOS versions before 11.4.1 only)


If your iPhone screen is completely cracked or unresponsive, you may be able to unlock it using an external USB keyboard. User tests have confirmed this method works for bypassing broken lock screens, as long as you're running iOS 11.4 or earlier. 

 Unlock a Broken iPhone Screen Using a USB Keyboard

Here is how to unlock a broken iPhone screen with a USB keyboard:



1. Connect the USB keyboard to your iPhone using an original Apple lightning cable. 


2. Once connected, press the spacebar on the keyboard twice to activate the lock screen.


3. With the lock screen showing, type your passcode directly on the USB keyboard to unlock your iPhone.



Since this relies on external keyboard input rather than touchscreen input, it provides a way to get around a cracked or broken iPhone screen that normally prevents unlocking your device. Give this method a try if you have an unresponsive iPhone screen and access to a compatible USB keyboard.


Method 2: Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen Using Find My iPhone



If you enabled Find My iPhone on your device, you can use the iCloud website to remotely unlock your iPhone even if the screen is broken. Here's how it works:


The Find My iPhone feature on iCloud allows you to access certain iPhone functions from any web browser. This comes in handy if your iPhone screen stops functioning but you still need to unlock the device.


However, using Find My iPhone essentially performs a factory reset, wiping all data from your iPhone in the process. So before proceeding, make sure to back up your iPhone if possible. 


Once backed up, follow these steps to remotely unlock your broken iPhone screen via iCloud:


1. Go to the iCloud website and log into your account.


2. Click "Find iPhone" to access the tracking tool.


3. Select your iPhone from the "All Devices" menu.


4. Choose "Erase iPhone" then "Remove from Account" to wipe and unlock the device.


After completing these steps, your iPhone should be unlocked, although completely erased. Keep in mind this only works if Find My iPhone was already enabled. But it provides a handy emergency option for bypassing a non-functional screen remotely.


Method 3: Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen via Siri 


You may be able to unlock an iPhone with a cracked or unresponsive screen using VoiceOver, without losing any data. While this doesn't work for everyone, it's worth trying if your screen won't function. 


To attempt the VoiceOver unlock method:


1. Press and hold the Home button to activate Siri. 


2. Ask Siri to turn on VoiceOver, then press Home again to return to the lock screen.


3. Swipe left or right until you highlight the "Slide to Unlock" option, then double tap.


4. The password screen will appear. Swipe to highlight each key in your passcode, double tapping to enter each number. 


5. After entering the full code, double click to select Enter or Done.


If successful, VoiceOver will bypass the broken screen by allowing you to navigate via gestures and enter the passcode using Siri voice commands. While not guaranteed, it provides another option to unlock your iPhone without a working screen.


Method 4: Unlock iPhone with Broken Screen via iTunes 



iTunes provides another option for unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen. By connecting the iPhone to a computer and restoring it with iTunes, you can essentially reset the device to factory settings and bypass the broken screen. 


A few important notes on using iTunes to unlock your iPhone:

- This will completely erase all data on your iPhone. So backup your device before proceeding.


- You may need to tap a prompt on your iPhone during the process to verify the trusted computer. This won't work if the screen is completely unresponsive.


- No internet connection is required - you just need a USB cable to connect the iPhone and a computer with iTunes.


Here are the steps to unlock a broken iPhone with iTunes:


1. Open either iTunes (Windows) or Finder (Mac).


2. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. 


3. Select your iPhone in iTunes/Finder and go to the General tab.


4. Click "Restore iPhone" to wipe the device and reset to factory settings.


After the restore completes, your iPhone should be unlocked, although completely erased. So this method is best as a last resort if your screen prevents normal unlocking. But it does provide an offline option to reset your iPhone using a desktop computer.




Now that you're armed with a few methods for unlocking a broken iPhone screen, you can get your device unlocked and ready for repair or resale. Whether using a USB keyboard, Find My iPhone, iTunes, or a specialized app like Unlockdog, you should be able to bypass the unresponsive screen.


Getting into a locked iPhone is key if you plan to get the device repaired or sell it to someone else. With the screen unlocked, the iPhone can be restored to factory settings and be functional again after physical screen repair. Or it can be erased and resold without issues for the next owner.


Hopefully these broken screen unlocking tips will allow you to finally regain access to your iPhone's contents and features.

Download Unlockdog to conveniently unlock an iPhone screen disabled by passcode, Touch ID, Face ID or other issues. Then take the unlocked iPhone for repair or sale so it can once again be a fully working device.

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