【2023】 How to get into a locked iphone without the password
Author: Alex Chang
career: Product Manager
publish at: 2023-08-03 05:43:04
Author: Alex Chang
career: Product Manager
publish at: 2023-08-03 05:43:04


How to get into a locked iphone without the password? 


It's a common frustration for iPhone users - forgetting your passcode and getting locked out of your own device. Apple's security makes it very difficult for anyone without the code to access a locked iPhone, including the owner. 


But don't worry, there are ways to erase your locked iPhone and regain full access. While you'll lose the data, at least you'll be able to use the device again.



 Chapter 1: Using iTunes to Erase a Locked iPhone

 Chapter 2: Unleash the Passcode-Cracking Power of Unlock Tools 

 Chapter 3: Tap into iCloud for a Remote Erase

 Chapter 4: Enter Recovery Mode to Fully Restore and Reset



Chapter 1: Using iTunes to Erase a Locked iPhone


iTunes provides a way to erase a locked iPhone and reset it to factory settings without a passcode. However, this method has some downsides:



- All data on your iPhone will be deleted 


- Your iPhone must have been synced with that specific computer previously


- iTunes can be prone to errors during backups and restores



But if you need to erase your locked down iPhone and iTunes syncing was set up, here are the steps:


1. Connect the locked iPhone to the computer you synced it with and open iTunes.


2. In the top left of iTunes, click on your iPhone's name.


3. Select "Restore iPhone" on the right sidebar. 



This will wipe the iPhone completely, removing the passcode lock and resetting it to default settings. The operating system will also update to the latest version.


While not ideal due to data loss and iTunes restrictions, a restore via iTunes can erase a locked iPhone. Just know it will completely factory reset the device with no way of recovering prior data.



Your iPhone needs to have been previously synchronized with iTunes.


Chapter 2: Unleash the Passcode-Cracking Power of Unlock Tools


If you can't use iTunes or don't want to deal with its limitations for erasing locked iPhones, an alternative is using Unlockdog software. This provides a simple way to reset and erase a locked down iPhone without needing the passcode or iTunes restore.


Unlockdog can solve all these common issues:

- Forgotten passcode

- iPhone is disabled  

- Wanting to factory reset before selling

- Needing to wipe the device 


The app works on any iOS version, including the latest iOS 14, and on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch model. And it only takes a few minutes without iTunes restrictions.


To permanently erase and unlock your locked down iPhone, simply use the UnlockDog software. It securely bypasses the activation lock allowing you to fully reset the device to factory settings without a passcode. Give it a try for an easy iTunes-free way to erase an iPhone lock screen.


Chapter 3: Tap into iCloud for a Remote Erase


If you don't have access to a computer, you can erase a locked iPhone remotely using iCloud. This works if you had Find My iPhone enabled in settings beforehand. 



Here's how to wipe a locked iPhone via iCloud website:


1. On a friend's device or computer, go to www.iCloud.com


2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password that was connected to the locked iPhone.


3. Select your locked iPhone from the list of devices. 


4. Click on "Erase iPhone" to initiate a remote wipe.




After completing the erase, your locked iPhone will be reset to factory settings with the lock screen removed. 


This gives you a way to fully erase an iPhone even if you can't access the device itself. Just be sure Find My iPhone was turned on in settings on that device before it was locked. Then use any computer to sign into iCloud and wipe it remotely.




- Requires Apple ID password - not freely accessible without account info


- Find My iPhone must be disabled on the locked device beforehand 


- The locked iPhone needs an internet connection to connect to iCloud


Chapter 4: Enter Recovery Mode to Fully Restore and Reset


If you never synced your locked iPhone with iTunes or enabled Find My iPhone, you can still erase it by putting the device into recovery mode:


1. Connect the locked iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. 


2. Force restart the iPhone while connected to enter recovery mode:


- On iPhone X or later: Press Volume Up, Volume Down, then hold Side button.


- On iPhone 7/7Plus: Hold Side and Volume Down buttons. 


- On iPhone 6 or earlier: Hold Home and Top buttons.


3. In iTunes, click "Restore" when the option appears. This will erase and reinstall iOS software.


4. Wait for the restore to complete, then set up the iPhone normally.


Using recovery mode allows a factory reset erase of the iPhone through iTunes, without needing previous syncing or iCloud activation. Just be prepared for all data to be wiped in the process.


This will bypass the lock screen and update to the latest iOS version by force restoring the software. While time consuming, it will fully erase a locked down iPhone not tied to iTunes or iCloud.




- Not guaranteed to succeed 100% of the time - There is a chance the erase gets interrupted or fails.


- May get stuck on white screen - In some cases the iPhone screens turns white and gets stuck during or after the erase.


- Older iPhones could slow down - The erase process is taxing and could dramatically slow down performance on older iPhone models.





In summary, there are four main methods for erasing a locked iPhone:


- Using iTunes to restore and reset the iPhone 


- Remotely wiping the device via iCloud website


- Forcing recovery mode to factory reset 


- Using UnlockDog software to safely bypass the lock 


While iTunes, iCloud, and recovery mode can all work, the UnlockDog solution provides the highest success rate and is the most time efficient option.


If you need to regain access to your locked down iPhone by erasing it, I recommend using the reliable UnlockDog software. It's designed specifically for bypassing lock screens and resetting iOS devices. Don't struggle with tricky iTunes restores or complex recovery modes. With UnlockDog you can quickly and successfully erase and unlock your disabled iPhone.

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