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iPad Unavailable How to Reset 2023
Author: Ethan Johnson
career: Software Development Engineer
publish at: 2023-08-10 02:15:00
Author: Ethan Johnson
career: Software Development Engineer
publish at: 2023-08-10 02:15:00

Oh no, you see the words "iPad Unavailable" on your tablet's lock screen. No matter how many times you enter your passcode, your iPad simply won't unlock.

Don't panic if you encounter this frustrating error message. Your iPad is disabled because you entered the wrong passcode too many times, triggering the security lockout feature. This prevents unauthorized access, but it also blocks you out when you just can't recall the right code.

While you may want to use your iPad right now, it could be unavailable for up to a full day depending on your settings. But take a deep breath - this article will show you several proven methods to get back into your locked iPad.

Follow these easy methods about ipad unavailable how to reset your iPad and quickly regain access when you are locked out and unable to use your device.



Why iPad Unavailable

How to Reset iPad Unavailable with 1 Click

How to Unlock iPad Unavailable without Computer

How to Fix iPad Unavailable in Recovery Mode

How to Fix iPad Unavailable with Find My



Why iPad Unavailable 


The frustrating "iPad Unavailable" or "iPad is Disabled" message appears for one main reason - entering the wrong passcode too many times. This triggers your iPad's security lockout feature, which is designed to protect your data from unauthorized access. 


Specifically, if you enter an incorrect passcode 5 times in a row, your iPad will become unavailable for 1 minute. After 8 failed attempts, it increases to 5 minutes locked. 10 wrong passcodes consecutively disables logins for a lengthy 15 minutes. This time increases exponentially with each subsequent failed passcode try. 


If you can't recall your passcode, repeated guesses will eventually lead to your iPad being permanently unavailable, requiring a reset to regain access. This is because the security lockout scales up the time limits to deter excessive incorrect passcode entries. So in short, seeing "iPad Unavailable" means you reached the maximum failed passcode attempts allowed before your iPad locks you out.


How to Reset iPad Unavailable with 1 Click


The easiest way to fix an unavailable iPad is using Unlockdog - an iOS unlocking tool designed to bypass screen locks. With Unlockdog, you can unlock your disabled iPad in just 1 click.  


Unlockdog can remove any iOS screen lock including passwords, PINs, patterns, Touch ID, and Face ID. It works on all iPhone and iPad models with any iOS version. All you need to do is download Unlockdog, connect your iPad, and click the "Unlock" button. Within 3 steps and a few minutes, your unavailable iPad will be unlocked again.


Unlockdog makes resetting an unresponsive iPad incredibly simple. Anyone can use it - no technical skill required. Its hassle-free 1-click process swiftly bypasses the “iPad Unavailable” error so you can access your device again. And it keeps all your data intact. With Unlockdog, you'll be back in your iPad quickly when faced with an unavailable screen.


How to Unlock iPad Unavailable without Computer


If you don't have access to a computer, you can still unlock an unavailable iPad by erasing it directly from the device. This resets the iPad without needing a computer or third-party software.  


To erase your disabled iPad:


1. On the "iPad Unavailable" screen, tap the "Erase iPad" option. 


2. Confirm by tapping "Erase All Content & Settings".


3. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted to erase your iPad.


After a few minutes, your iPad will reset to factory settings, bypassing the unavailable screen. You can then set it up as new.


This erasing method works on iPad models running iPadOS 15.2 or later. Your Apple ID must have already been signed in before the iPad was locked. With just your disabled iPad, you can wipe it to factory settings and regain access - no computer required.


How to Fix iPad Unavailable in Recovery Mode


You can fix an unavailable iPad by restoring it in Recovery Mode via iTunes or Finder on a computer. This completely resets the iPad to factory settings, removing the passcode lock.


To restore in Recovery Mode:


1. Turn off your disabled iPad and force restart it into Recovery Mode - hold volume down + power for Face ID iPads, home + power for home button iPads. 


2. Connect the iPad to your computer via USB and open iTunes/Finder.


3. Click "Restore" when prompted. This will wipe and restore your iPad, fixing the unavailable error.


The restore process takes around 15 minutes. After it completes, you can set up your iPad like new. Just make sure you have the latest iTunes or macOS installed.


Restoring in Recovery Mode works even if your iPad is stuck on the unavailable screen. It overrides the passcode by resetting your iPad to factory default settings. While it erases your data, it's an assured way to regain access to a locked iPad.


How to Fix iPad Unavailable with Find My


You can remotely unlock an unavailable iPad using the Find My feature in iCloud. As long as Find My is enabled and you know your Apple ID credentials, you can bypass the disabled screen through another iPhone or on iCloud.com.


To erase your unavailable iPad with Find My:


1. On another iOS device or web browser, sign into the same Apple ID as your iPad.


2. In Find My, select your iPad from devices and choose "Erase This Device".


3. Confirm erasing - this will reset your iPad to factory settings.


Once finished, set up your iPad as new and create a passcode you can remember. The remote erase overrides the previous passcode lockout. Just make sure Find My is turned on in your iPad's iCloud settings first.


With Find My, you can conveniently fix the “iPad Unavailable” error without a computer or cable. Your data will be erased but you regain access. It's an easy solution when your iPad is stuck on the lockout screen.


Frequently Asked Questions


What causes the iPad Unavailable?


The iPad Unavailable error occurs when you enter the wrong passcode too many times. This triggers the security lockout feature that disables the iPad to prevent unauthorized access attempts.


 How can I reset my unavailable iPad without losing data?


Unfortunately there is no way to reset an unavailable iPad without losing data. You will need to erase the iPad to factory settings, which wipes all content. Be sure to backup regularly so you can restore data if needed.


 How do I fix an unavailable iPhone or other iOS device?


You can use a tool like iMyFone LockWiper to easily bypass unavailable screens on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It resets the device while keeping your data intact.


 How long does the iPad Unavailable screen last?


The iPad Unavailable lockout time increases progressively with each failed passcode attempt:


- 5 fails = 1 minute locked

- 6 fails = 5 minutes 

- 7 fails = 15 minutes

- 8-9 fails = 1 hour

- 10+ fails = Permanently locked


What's the best way to avoid the unavailable error?


Always remember your passcode. You can also set up Touch ID or Face ID to conveniently unlock your iPad without needing to enter a passcode each time.




Seeing that dreaded “iPad Unavailable” message can be frustrating, but don’t worry - you can get back into your disabled iPad with the right solution. As we covered, you have several options like using unlocking tools, erasing your iPad directly, restoring in Recovery Mode, or leveraging Find My. While it may take some trial and error, one of these methods will override the passcode so you can access your iPad again. Just be sure to reset your passcode to something memorable once you’re back in. With this guide, you now have the knowledge to effectively troubleshoot and resolve the iPad Unavailable error should it ever occur. Remember to backup your data regularly and enable Find My in case you forget your passcode again down the road.



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