Want to Sell Locked iPhone? Unlock it now!
Author: Alex Chang
career: Product Manager
publish at: 2023-08-15 03:21:55
Author: Alex Chang
career: Product Manager
publish at: 2023-08-15 03:21:55

Selling your used iPhone can get you a nice chunk of cash, but if it's locked or disabled, your resale value takes a huge hit. Thankfully, Unlockdog makes it easy to remotely unlock your iPhone and get top dollar when reselling it.



  The Downsides of Selling a Locked iPhone

How Unlockdog Makes Unlocking Easy

Benefits of Selling an Unlocked iPhone

Best Practices When Reselling Your iPhone

Why Unlockdog is the Best Choice Before Reselling

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The Downsides of Selling a Locked iPhone


Trying to sell a locked iPhone brings some key challenges that can seriously impact your resale value and profit:


Diminished Resale Value


A locked iPhone tends to fetch a resale price that's 10-60% lower than its unlocked counterpart. The presence of Apple's activation lock introduces uncertainty for potential buyers regarding the device's usability.


Without the ability to personally verify and test functionality, buyers face risks purchasing a locked device. They have no guarantees it can be fully used once purchased, so they are not willing to pay premium prices.


This activation lock hurdle can single-handedly deflate your resale earnings by hundreds of dollars per device. Just by virtue of being locked, your iPhone's value plummets in the secondary market.


Apprehensive Buyers


In addition to reduced valuation, selling a locked iPhone also leads to far fewer interested buyers. Prospective buyers often hesitate when considering a locked iPhone for several reasons:


  • They lack the ability to ascertain the specific reasons behind the lock. Was it network locked? Activation locked? Locked with Find My iPhone? Passcode locked? This ambiguity makes buyers uneasy.


  • Concerns arise whether the phone is blacklisted and therefore non-functional. Global blacklists render iPhones unusable if lost or stolen. This is an irreversible kiss of death.


  • Buyers worry the iPhone may be permanently bound to the previous owner. Any lingering Apple ID or activation locks would prevent the buyer's own usage.


  • There are concerns the iPhone could be tied to a carrier incompatible with the buyer's needs. Especially internationally, network locks limit usage across carriers.


These uncertainties contribute to serious buyer reluctance and resistance towards paying higher prices for locked devices unseen. Without full confidence it can activate properly, most buyers simply pass altogether.


Pricing Ambiguity


The combination of reduced demand and functionality uncertainty makes pricing a locked iPhone challenge. Sellers are left to speculate on appropriate pricing, while cautious buyers tend to make lower offers to accommodate the risks.


This dynamic frequently results in prolonged back-and-forth negotiations between sellers and buyers. Sellers start higher hoping to get maximum value, while hesitant buyers aim low to cushion against potentially overpaying for a device they can't fully use.


These pricing guesswork games often lead to stalled sales and lost opportunities. Skittish buyers with doubts will gravitate to competing listings for unlocked devices with clarity around pricing and usability.


How Unlockdog Makes Unlocking Easy


Opting to unlock and sell your iPhone solves all of the issues outlined above. An unlocked iPhone provides advantages to both sellers and buyers. Transactions become frictionless when buyers have confidence in usability.


This is where Unlockdog provides immense value with their streamlined unlocking services. They make the process easy for sellers to unlock devices before sale.


Convenient Remote Unlocking


Unlike some services that require shipping your iPhone just to unlock it, Unlockdog specializes in remote unlocking. This eliminates the need to physically send your device to a facility.


By simply making an order on their website and providing your iPhone's details, their experienced engineers take care of the unlocking process virtually. No mailing or drop-offs needed.


This is perfect if you need to unlock your iPhone quickly before posting a listing or completing a sale. Just a few clicks and Unlockdog immediately gets to work unlocking it remotely.


Comprehensive Coverage for All Models and Scenarios


Importantly, Unlockdog can handle unlocking any iPhone model and situation:


  • Older legacy models like iPhone 4/4S/5/5S or newer recent releases
  • Locked to one carrier that you need expanded to all networks
  • Activation locked with Find My iPhone enabled
  • Passcode locked from a forgotten passcode
  • iOS software locked requiring a restore


Regardless the specific generation, underlying reason, or locking circumstances, Unlockdog has the technical expertise to manage the unlock. Their capabilities span the spectrum.


No matter how or why your iPhone is locked down, if a software-based unlock is technically viable at all, Unlockdog can efficiently figure it out. Their experience covers the entire range of possibilities.


This provides peace of mind knowing that any locking scenario can be handled. Their versatile expertise removes the uncertainty.


Swift Turnaround


Beyond just broad device and locking coverage, Unlockdog also completes unlocks rapidly. Their unlocking procedures are executed quickly, often completed within 24 hours.

This accelerated turnaround enables you to promptly sell your iPhone as soon as it's unlocked, capitalizing on the heightened interest from potential buyers who may be awaiting an unlocked listing.

By unlocking first, your iPhone can hit the market fast while demand is still peaked. This translates directly into faster sales at increased prices. Unlockdog's speedy service unlocks your ability to maximize resale value.


User-Friendly Approach


Especially for less tech savvy iPhone owners, the idea of tackling a DIY unlock process can be daunting. Unlocking an iPhone often requires utilizing complex unlocking tools or advanced IT skills.


However, unlocking your device through Unlockdog is designed to be user-friendly for anyone. Their step-by-step instructions seamlessly guide you through the remote unlocking process.


After purchase, you simply provide your iPhone details for the Unlockdog team to initiate the virtual unlocking procedures. Status updates keep you informed each step of the way.


With their simple submit-and-unlock process, there is no need for technical expertise on your part. Unlockdog's user-friendly system makes iPhone unlocking accessible for all.


Benefits of Selling an Unlocked iPhone


By choosing to unlock your iPhone with Unlockdog before listing for sale, you open up more selling possibilities and unlock increased resale value potential.


Universal Selling Options


One of the biggest benefits of unlocking through Unlockdog is that you can then sell your iPhone to any buyer or platform. Fully unlocked iPhones have no limitations imposed by carrier locks or blacklists.


An unlocked iPhone is essentially a blank slate that any buyer can activate and use on their desired plans and networks. This selling flexibility enables you to reach the maximum pool of potential buyers.


Rather than being restricted to selling only to specific carriers that match your existing lock, unlocking enables selling universally across all possible avenues.


Increased Buyer Interest


In addition to unlocking more selling channels, an unlocked iPhone also draws increased buyer interest in general. A greater number of potential buyers will be attracted to your listing when they know for certain the device is fully usable.


Buyers no longer need to speculate on usability and carrier compatibility. This certainty informs their buying decision and prompts faster purchasing.


By detailing upfront that your iPhone is already unlocked, your listing converts and sells faster. Uncertainty and hesitations are eliminated right from the product description.


Enhanced Resale Value


As buyer demand increases for your unlocked iPhone, you can also command higher asking prices which directly translates to improved resale value.


Statistics show unlocked iPhones sell for 10-60% more than their locked counterparts in similar condition. This optimization in value contributes to maximizing your earnings.


Rather than taking lowball offers from wary buyers, you can set fair asking prices aligned with true market value pricing for functional unlocked devices. This pricing power stems directly from unlocking beforehand.


Accelerated Sales Process


An ancillary benefit to unlocking your iPhone first is that the actual sales process itself becomes streamlined. Unlocked devices see an accelerated path from listing to purchase.


With ambiguity eliminated around usability and network compatibility, buyers have increased confidence to purchase your iPhone. This leads to quicker purchasing decisions and sales transactions.


There is no need to negotiate pricing due to lock status doubts. Unlocking helps you sell for full value fast with decisive buyers ready to purchase outright. This eliminates prolonged haggling.


Prevention of Buyer Issues


Every seller dreads dealing with buyer complaints, returns or negative feedback after the sale. It's a huge hassle you want to avoid.


By taking the proactive step to unlock prior to sale, you reassure buyers upfront that activation won't be an issue on their selected carrier. This preemptively prevents post-sale complications or complaints.


When buyers know without a doubt the iPhone is unlocked, it removes a massive point of friction down the line. Your buyer experience improves in parallel to your own sales experience. It's a win-win arrangement.


Best Practices When Reselling Your iPhone


Beyond just unlocking through Unlockdog, sellers should also adhere to some other guidelines in preparation for iPhone resale:


Comprehensively Back Up Your Data


Before factory resetting your iPhone, be sure to back up your personal data stored on the device. Photos, messages, contacts and other information should be preserved properly on an external source like iCloud or your computer.


Sign Out of All Accounts and Reset Privacy Settings


Double check that you are fully logged out of iCloud, iTunes, iMessage, FaceTime, and any other Apple accounts or synced services associated with the device. Also reset all privacy settings like location services that may expose personal data.


Perform a Complete Factory Reset


Doing a full factory reset erases all your personal content and settings, returning the device to original out-of-box state. This gives the buyer peace of mind they are starting fresh. It also further protects your privacy.


Include All Original Accessories


Any accessories that originally came with the iPhone will enhance its value, especially the charger. Be sure to transfer these to the buyer to add value beyond just the iPhone itself.


Note Any Cosmetic Damage


Thoroughly assess the physical condition of your iPhone and document any imperfections like scratches, dents or cracked screens. Communicate these cosmetic flaws upfront so buyers know the wear and tear status.


Ship Safely and Securely


When physically shipping your sold iPhone, use protective packaging materials and utilize shipping provider tracking and insurance. This safeguards against potential mishaps in transit.


Avoid Meeting Strangers for Safety


If selling locally on Craigslist or social media, always meet buyers at a public place. Bring a friend if possible. Trust your instincts if a buyer seems suspicious. Prioritize your safety first.


Why Unlockdog is the Best Choice Before Reselling


With so many key benefits to unlocking iPhones prior to sale, choosing the right unlocking method is critical before reselling. Here's why Unlockdog stands out as the top option:


Unmatched Unlock Success Rate


Not all phone unlocking services are created equal. Many fail to deliver or end up bricking devices in the process. Unlockdog's success rate surpasses 95% across all iPhone models and situations.


This establishes a notable advantage over competitors. Unlockdog consistently unlocks devices that stump other services. When your iPhone unlock is mission-critical before selling, Unlockdog delivers results.


Remote Unlocking Convenience


As outlined earlier, Unlockdog's remote iPhone unlocking eliminates the major headache of having to ship your device somewhere for unlocking. Their entire process is virtual and automated.


This allows near-instant unlock initiation any time of day or night. Other services with physical device requirements can lead to multi-day turnarounds just on shipping alone.


Cost-Effective and Competitively Priced


For those selling just one or two iPhones, Unlockdog offers very reasonable unlocking rates. Unlocking starts at just $49.99 per device, presenting a 10% or larger discount compared to standard iPhone unlock pricing.

Bulk order discounts are also available if you're selling higher iPhone quantities. Their affordable pricing helps maximize your profit per device sold.


Secure and Guaranteed Results


Ultimately, assurance and dependability are key when picking an unlock partner you can trust. Unlockdog's commitment to consistent quality is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.


If for any reason they cannot unlock your iPhone, you get a full refund. You have zero risk. Their premier success rate means this is seldom necessary, but provides peace of mind.


For the most secure and cost-effective iPhone unlocking solution with guaranteed dependability, Unlockdog checks all the boxes. They help sellers avoid the complications of selling locked devices to maximize resale success.


Get an Instant Quote to Sell Your iPhone


Beyond just unlocking services, Unlockdog also purchases used iPhones directly through their buyback program.


Rather than selling yourself, you can conveniently sell your device to Unlockdog in a few quick steps:


1. Obtain an Instant Online Price Quote

By answering a few simple questions, Unlockdog's website provides an instant price quote indicating how much they will pay. There's no obligation to sell after getting the quote.


2. Select Cost-Effective Unlocking (If Required)

If your iPhone is locked, their quote tool will also show unlocking options before buying to maximize your payout value.


3. Ship Your iPhone Using the Prepaid Label

Once satisfied with the final quoted buyback amount, complete checkout. Unlockdog emails you a prepaid shipping label to securely send your iPhone to them.


4. Receive Fast Payment

Within 1-2 business days after receiving your shipped iPhone, Unlockdog issues fast payment via PayPal or direct deposit. Payment is reliable and secure.


Unlockdog's buyback program provides a convenient end-to-end solution. It accommodates all generations of used, broken or locked iPhones. Experience a hassle-free way to pocket cash for your pre-owned Apple devices.




Don't leave potential resale profits on the table. Unlock your used or locked-down iPhone with Unlockdog to maximize its value before selling. Their secure unlocking services help you unlock the full value from your device.

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